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GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – A former volunteer firefighter appeared in court on an accusation that he left the scene of a deadly crash.

“Zach never did anything that, in our opinion, has never done anything wrong,” said defense attorney Scott Adams.

The trial of Zachary Simmons is now underway in Logan County. The 30 year old is accused of leaving the scene of a deadly crash in October of 2019, killing 34-year-old Mandy Gorsuch.

Mandy Gorsuch

That night, Gorsuch, her wife and a couple of friends went bar-hopping in Downtown Guthrie and landed at Rooster’s Hard Times Club.

On Tuesday, Gorsuch’s friend testified on the stand. The friend said after he paid his tab, he went outside and found Gorsuch and the group crowded around a white truck. Simmons and his girlfriend were outside.

In the midst of an argument, the witness heard Simmons’ girlfriend yell vulgar remarks about Gorsuch’s relationship with her wife. According to court documents, that’s when Simmons “flashed his badge,” “gunned his pickup” and “ran Gorsuch over.”

On the stand, the friend said he watched Simmons drive up the road, stop, open the door and look for damage on his truck. Meanwhile, Gorsuch’s friend yelled at Simmons’ for running someone over. The witness said Simmons looked in the direction of Gorsuch, who was crying in the middle of the road, then drove off.

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Zachary Simmons being placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. Simmons allegedly hit and killed 34-year-old Mandy Gorsuch.

Defense attorneys argued the witness had 12 beers that night and was very drunk. They also pointed out his Tuesday testimony didn’t line up with his previous statements.

Simmons’ attorneys also maintained their client did nothing wrong.

“He was simply trying to defuse the situation with a bunch of people who were inebriated and they were making foolish decisions and bad things happened,” said Adams. “She was struck by a vehicle and died. And I hate that. And it’s sad, but you know, sometimes you have to be responsible for your own actions.”

A few months after the crash, Simmons was arrested for DUI in Payne County. He did not spend a night in jail and the only change to his bond was that he wasn’t allowed to drive.

Court starts back up tomorrow.