OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Changes could be on the horizon at the Oklahoma County Jail. 

Sources tell KFOR there could be a vote to possibly remove administrator Greg Williams on Monday.

This comes amid continued calls for change at the jail, which has been plagued with numerous issues including 14 inmate deaths this year.

“Only a fool would not listen to the cries of the people that they are representing,” said Pastor Derrick Scobey. 

Scobey is a member of the Oklahoma County Jail Trust.

On Thursday, he says he’s not speaking on any specific agenda item. He’s just speaking as a concerned citizen of Oklahoma County.

Scobey says over the last two and a half years, he’s watched a hostage situation, a rape, drug use, dozens of deaths, and other issues unfold at the jail.

“These are not trivial, insignificant matters, not at all,” Scobey said. “But up until now, it seems that the responses have been really – let’s put a Band-Aid on the problem. But these are serious matters that require serious action that really need to start from the top down. I don’t know any other board, any other business owner that would allow for things of this magnitude to happen under their watch.”

So, what does he see as the path forward?

“I believe that the best way out of it for the citizens of Oklahoma County, the detainees in the Oklahoma County Detention Center, the staff there and the jail trust as a whole, the best way out of it is simply for the CEO to resign and that we don’t have to go through all of really the rigmarole that is going to take place,” Scobey said. 

Scobey says he’s calling on concerned members of the public to show up to Monday’s meeting.

KFOR reached out to a representative for the jail and administrator Greg Williams. They declined an interview and did not issue a statement.