OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A new voter validation law requires certain voters to confirm their addresses in order to remain on the rolls.

If you see a letter like the one below, it is not a scam. You will need to respond immediately.

Oklahoma voters might receive the letter if the following apply to them:

  • If you had mail returned as “undeliverable”
  • If you have registration in two states
  • If you’ve surrendered your Oklahoma driver’s license for a new one in another state
  • If you haven’t voted in the previous general elections (2020 & 2022)
  • If you haven’t updated your address

Robbie White is the former Democratic Party Chair for Oklahoma County and even she received one of the letters.

“I was surprised because I’m an active voter,” said White.

She thinks it was sent to her because of a recent move, which resulted in mail being “undeliverable.”

When the notice came, she used the QR code and submitted an 8-digit code to answer a short survey.

Sample letter

“Pretty simple – you enter the 8 digit code and it gave me options, is this your correct address or do you need to changes. And I indicated that it was correct and that was it,” said White.

The State Election Board said in a statement that confirmation notices, “have played a vital role in keeping voter registration rolls clean.”

The state already checks voter rolls for felony convictions and death records.

This additional step can be completed on your Oklahoma Voter Portal or by mailing the card back with postage paid.

White said she understood the required maintenance, but doesn’t like how it’s getting more and more tedious to be a voter.

“I feel like voting is hard enough trying to get time off work, get to the right location, make that happen on a busy day and we have a lot of elections in Oklahoma, so I’m on the side of make it more simple,” said White.  

Voters that don’t respond and confirm their addresses within 60 days will be considered “inactive” and will eventually be removed from the rolls after the 2026 General Election, unless they update their registration or vote in the meantime.