OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – State Superintendent Ryan Walters announced the creation of a faith-based committee, designed to establish guidance for students that want to practice their religious worship at school.

Walters said this comes after receiving a letter from six Christian based organizations expressing concerns about the lack of Christian influence in Oklahoma’s education.

“Stripping these fundamental influences has only made education and our state weaker. Our families suffer, our communities become divided, and atheism runs rampant,” said the groups, in part of the letter.

The Superintendent did not commit to advocating for prayer in schools.

“What I would like to do is get a group together – faith leaders, community leaders – and let them analyze it and let them come to their own conclusions about what do we need to do for our kids,” said Walters.

The issue of prayer has been discussed before the Supreme Court recently.

Last summer, Kennedy v Bremerton School District ruled that prayer is allowed in schools, so long as it’s not compelled.

The original counsel for Mr. Kennedy was Oklahoma GOP Chairman A.J. Ferate.

“Employees of school districts do have a right to pray,” said Ferate. “They can wear a cross. They can, you know, pray toward Mecca on their own time if they choose as long as it’s not interrupting instructional time.”

The chairman said school districts may not allow prayer because they are unfamiliar with the law.

“I’m hopeful that things like the Kennedy case will provide school districts with that information that they need to be more open about prayer within the school districts,” said Ferate.

Even though the letter sent to Walters was from a group of Christian organizations, Ferate said all faiths are allowed to pray at school.

“If you are a Muslim student, you have that right to pray. If you are a member of the Jewish faith, you have a right to pray. If you’re a Christian – whatever faith is out there, you have that right,” said the chairman.

Superintendent Walters did not name members of the committee because the list is still being compiled.