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In the video above, Ned Price with the State Department was asked about Congressman Mullin during a briefing on Wednesday.

WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST/KFOR) – The Washington Post is reporting that two U.S. officials said Congressman Markwayne Mullin sought to get a large amount of money into Afghanistan in an effort to rescue American citizens, and threatened resistant embassy staff.

KFOR News could not, as of Tuesday night, independently verify the information in the Washington Post’s report, which spoke with two government officials who said Mullin, OK-02, contacted the U.S. ambassador to Tajikistan on Monday.

The two anonymous officials said Mullin made an urgent request, asking the ambassador for assistance transporting a huge amount of cash into Tajikistan, which neighbors Afghanistan, so he could rescue an American woman and her four children, according to the Washington Post.

Markwayne Mullin
Markwayne Mullin

The officials told the Washington Post that Mullin said he planned to fly from Tblisi, Georgia, to Dushanbe, Tajikistan’s capital, in the next few hours, and needed the diplomat to help him.

Embassy officials told Mullin no, saying they could not help him bypass Tajikistan’s cash limit laws.

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On Wednesday morning, Mullin posted on Instagram that he is safe and headed home.

“I am heading home…. Have we been helping get Americans out of Afghanistan, yes. Is the mission continuing, yes. Am I missing, no. Did I go dark for a little, yes because it wasn’t safe to be communicating. Am I extremely disappointed in how we (United States) left Americans behind… that would be an understatement. President Biden and his administration are absolutely lying to the American people about Americans and our friends being left behind. So many great Americans, many who are Veterans and many who are not, are stepping up to keep our promise… We will never leave an American behind,” he posted on Instagram.

“As you know, the state department does not routinely comments on the travel plans of private American citizens or members of Congress for that matter, but we have made it abundantly clear that travel to Afghanistan is not safe and it is something that we certainly do not recommend. We have a level 4 travel advisory issued for Afghanistan. We have issued a series of increasingly urgent warnings to the American people and by extension the broader public over the course of months. and in fact, over the course of 20 years, regarding the potential dangers of travel to Afghanistan.  When it comes to our missions abroad, every single Embassy of ours, and this includes our Embassy in Dushanbe, a has a foremost responsibility to look after the welfare of American citizens, and our team has been intensely focused on assisting Americans who maybe who may have been exiting Afghanistan into Tajikistan in recent weeks, but I will leave it at that,” said Ned Price, U.S. State Department Spokesman