THE VILLAGE, Okla. (KFOR) — Snakes seem to be hitching rides in local cars.

A weekend call for help had The Village Police officers racing to the rescue.

911 Call:
“There’s a snake in my engine. It’s coming out of the hood.”

Radio Traffic:
“RP advising there is a snake slithering out of her hood.”

That same officer was already familiar with this type of situation. He helped another driver just days before with the same problem, a snake in the car.

Body cam:
“He laid out across the whole front end of my car, up there by the windshield wipers.”

“As crazy as it is this is the second time this week I’ve had this exact same call.”

After a few minutes of investigating he found the culprit.

“Oh there he is… Oh, there he is. He’s sticking his tongue out. Where is he? Where, by the tire?”

“Why did I get this call?”
“It’s kinda become your specialty, King.”

The snake had barricaded itself under the hood.

Officers waited a while but no sign of the extra passenger.

Eventually officers sent the driver on her way but said to give them a call if she saw it again.

Minutes later they get a call that the driver spotted the snake again.

Officers meet up with her again and find the extra rider and remove him from the car’s engine.

The snake was not injured and released in a field nearby.
A picture perfect ending to a driver’s scary discovery.