PIEDMONT, Okla (KFOR) — A lot of water issues were on the agenda at Monday night’s City Council meeting in Piedmont. Residents shared their concern with one of them that included possibly adding an emergency clause to shut off water to anyone not residing within city limits.

Tensions were boiling almost as soon as the meeting started.

“I want my opinions heard, cause I kinda think there’s some BS out there,” one resident said.

The people of Piedmont came ready with questions for City Council.

“How many residents would this impact? Will City Council provide crates of water? This is a basic need.

Some said they’re concerned that the possible emergency water clause would impact their home, more than what’s already being affected.

“There’s been more houses and more meters put in so water pressure is really really low.”

That’s been one of the biggest issues for folks living in Piedmont. News 4 went door to door in multiple neighborhoods and at least a dozen people said they’d had issues with their water pressure lately.

When we talked to the city, they told News 4, it’s one of the fasting growing cities in the state, and all those added homes mean the water has to be spread out.

Mayor Kurt Mayabb said no one is at risk of losing service.

“We are not going out and shutting the valve off and saying screw you,” said Mayor Mayabb.

“I think it should be a general emergency clause that we should have the right to shut down anyone we need to to deal with if it’s an emergency,” another city councilmember said.

That’s when a new proposal was made.

“Establish an emergency clause to shut off water to anyone in city limits or not in city limits and bringing the ordinance back we can discuss farther with something in front of us,” said Mayor Mayabb.

The Mayor said they will talk again and make a decision about the emergency clause at the meeting next month on September 25th.