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OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – With thousands of comments and over 100 town suggestions, KFOR has gathered the data to determine Oklahoma’s most mispronounced town – here’s what we found.

Oklahoma’s most mispronounced towns

10. Wapanucka (wah-pah-nuck-ah)

The name Wapanucka means “Eastern Land People,” and refers to the Delaware Nation whose people came to the area before the Civil War.

9. Tahlequah (tah-leh-kwah)

It was established as the Cherokee capital in 1839 at the close of the Trail of Tears. Many linguists believe the word ‘Tahlequah’ is the same as ‘di li gwa’, the Cherokee word for grain or rice.

In this photo taken Monday, Oct. 25, 2010, a statue of Sequoyah is pictured on the grounds of Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Okla., (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Tahlequah is the capital of the two federally recognized Cherokee tribes based in Oklahoma, the modern Cherokee Nation and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians.

8. Paoli (pay-oh-lah)

It was named after Paoli, Pennsylvania, an unincorporated community near Philadelphia from which many of the railroad workers who built the town came.

7. Lookeba (low-key-bah)

The name is a portmanteau of the names of three founding fathers: Lowe, Kelley and Baker.

6. Durant (doo-rant)

The city was founded by the Durant family, a group of French-Choctaws who walked the Trail of Tears to the Durant area in 1832. It is now the capital of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Durant Main Street sign
Durant Main Street sign//KFOR

5. Sasakwa (suh-sah-kwah)

This town got its name from the Seminole word meaning “wild goose.”

4. Vici (vye-sigh)

Although the origins of the town name aren’t given, ‘vici’ does mean ‘I conquered’ in Latin.

3. Miami (my-am-ah)

Miami is named in honor of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, who assisted in the establishment of the town.

2. Alex (el-lick)

The town is named for William Vinson Alexander, an intermarried Chickasaw who settled the town with his wife, Martha.

1. Chickasha (chick-uh-shay)

Chickasha is the Choctaw word for the Chickasaw.

Map of top 10 most mispronounced towns in Oklahoma

A few other top contenders include Hobart (ho-bert), Ninnekah (nin-eh-kah), Boise City (boys city), Checotah (sheh-koh-tah), Oologah (oo-la-gawh), and Honobia (hone-uh-bee).

Whether its a Native word – like Kiamichi, Boktuklo, Pushmataha, Ouachita, and Pontotoc – or a Sooner State twist on a European city – like Prague or Berlin, Oklahoma locations can be a great litmus test for locals!