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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Detectives with the Oklahoma City Police Department are asking for the public’s help as they investigate the murder of a 76-year-old man.

Around 4 a.m. on June 11, Oklahoma City police were called to a report of gunshots being heard near S.E. 44th and Sunnyview Dr.

When officers arrived, they learned there had been a shooting at the Sunnyview Apartments.

Authorities at the scene found 76-year-old Edward Akufo dead in the driver’s seat of a car.

Inspector Robert Benavides, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, says that Akufo and his son were headed to the hospital for a scheduled procedure.

“As he’s driving by building 4503, there’s a breezeway. He tells his adult son that he has pain in his back. Then ultimately, we find out that he was actually shot,” said Benavides.

Investigators found a bullet hole in the trunk of Akufo’s car, and realized the bullet traveled through the vehicle into the driver’s seat, where it hit Akufo in the back.

“We believe this was just a random shooting,” said Benavides. “Right now, we don’t have any suspects, so I have no doubt that somebody in that apartment complex, especially right where it occurred, knows what happened.”

Authorities found two shell casings around the building, but have not been able to find a suspect in the case.

If you have any information on the case, you are encouraged to call CrimeStoppers at (405) 235-7300 or the Homicide Tip Line at (405) 297-1200.

“They need to do the right thing and they need to come forward.”