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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro neighborhood is still scratching their heads, wondering why a nearby home suddenly exploded last Friday. Several neighbors told News 4 they believed it was a gas leak. However, Oklahoma Natural Gas said it’s still investigating and hasn’t found any gas leaks so far.  

“We have little kids. We don’t want to be next,” said Linsey Davenport, who lives down the road.

“I was concerned about whether or not I should stay here,” said Caleb Biles, another neighbor told KFOR.

Around 3 p.m., Dec. 3, a home near Northwest 40th and Penn suddenly exploded, sending debris everywhere.

“I ran outside and was looking for a tree limb, or something on the top of my house. Then I looked down the street and there was just a big plume of smoke and a lot of paper just going up into the air. The house was gone, everybody was running down to see what happened,” said Biles.

“I immediately jumped up, because I thought something hit my house,” said Davenport. “I ran down there and when I seen what happened I was so scared. And, I was so sad because that person lost everything.”

Nearby neighbors ran to the home, ready to help at a moment’s notice.

“Just imagine, it could’ve been us,” Davenport said.

Thankfully, no one was home.

However, those nearby told KFOR they smelt a strong odor of natural gas.

“I heard them say it had to do with a gas leak,” said Davenport.

Minutes after the boom, Biles said he called Oklahoma Natural Gas to check out his home.

“They came that night to check our meter and our hot water heater,” he said. “They told me that all these systems are low pressure and they haven’t really seen this happen before and highly doubt it was the system at fault.”

Oklahoma Natural Gas said the company is still investigating and gave News 4 this statement:

“Preliminary results from Oklahoma Natural Gas’ investigation of the incident at 2017 NW 40th Street found no leaks on Oklahoma Natural Gas’ system. The investigation included a survey of the surrounding area. Oklahoma Natural Gas’ meter setting next to the house sustained damage resulting from the incident. Investigations as to the cause of the incident continue.      

A review of our records indicated Oklahoma Natural Gas responded to one outside odor call the week prior to the incident at a different residence. The odor call was investigated at that time and no leaks were identified.”     

Meanwhile, Davenport said she’s not sold.

“I’m still kind of scared,” she said. “I’m calling within the next day when I’m off, to have them come out so I can be here when they come.”

KFOR has reached out multiple times to contact the homeowners, but have not heard back.