OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – State Fire Marshals said they believe someone had something to do with the cause of the Chickasha Facility Fire. It could have been done on purpose or completely by accident.

“People do careless things all the time,” said Assistant State Fire Marshal James Fullingim.

Chickasha Facility Fire. Image KFOR.

State Fire Marshals are slowly inching their way towards the cause of the Chickasha Facility Fire. Investigators say the flames were fueled by thousands of illegally stored hand sanitizer.

Documents from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality show the facility owner, Brannan Bordwine of Bordwine Development, told them the product was “originally from China and Mexico and cannot be shipped back” and that they had “a contract to store and recycle the hand sanitizer” which was shipped in from California and Texas.

State Fire Marshals were called in to determine the cause of the multiple day fire. They have since ruled out electrical and spontaneous combustion.

“We had no indication someone intentionally set the fire,” said Fullingim. “We just know someone did something. Could have been a careless act, could have been an accident. They may not have enough known they did it.”

Fullingim said the flames could’ve been sparked from cigarettes, a burning candle, or even oily rags.

“There are a lot of people that need to be interviewed,” said Fullingim.

Meanwhile, there have been other hand-sanitizer fueled fires in Texas and in Canada, all happening around the same time. Fire Marshals and the DEQ said they are aware.

“We don’t have jurisdiction outside of the state of Oklahoma, so it wouldn’t be something we could investigate. But, we do have our federal partners that we share information with as well,” said Rob Singletary with the DEQ.

“We have been in communication with them, I believe they have opened their cases back up,” said Fullingim.

News 4 has also reached out to the EPA to find out if they have any information to release.

There is no timetable on how long the investigation will take.

Fire Marshals add the cause may even be labeled as “undetermined” which he said is the most commonly listed cause of fires.

News 4 reached out to the attorney representing Bordwine, but we did not hear back.