SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – A local university will be dealing with cleanup efforts after taking a direct hit from a severe storm on Wednesday night.

Oklahoma Baptist University was in the direct path of a tornado on Wednesday night.

A student, Vinson Miller, told KFOR that he was playing a video game when the storm hit.

“Next thing we know, lights go out. We start hearing things fall and we freak out. The game shuts off. We just start covering, putting our hands over the head, whatever, next to the wall and stuff. It was crazy. Just started hearing things fall in and shake. It was bad,” said Miller.

After the storm passed, students were able to take a look at the damage.

Officials say windows were broken, some walls were damaged, but there have been no reports of injuries on campus.

On Thursday morning, university officials held a news conference to address the damage to campus facilities.

OBU President Heath A. Thomas said crews are assessing the damage on campus and trying to figure out how they will move forward.

“All I want to say is buildings can be rebuilt and we have significant damage on the campus. It’s gonna take time to rebuild but, you know, we’ve got an incredible alumni base, incredible partners, incredible friends who have already expressed a desire to help,” Thomas said.

OBU says it has temporary housing available for students who were displaced due to the tornado.

Classes have been canceled for Thursday at OBU.

At this point, Thomas says he isn’t sure when students will be back in class.