OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Animal Welfare is in desperate need of the community’s help.

As of Friday morning, the shelter is sitting at 156% capacity for dogs in the shelter. Officials say the shelter was meant to only hold 297 dogs, but it is currently housing 462.

Officials are asking the public to do their part to help these pets find loving homes.

“If you find a lost pet, their odds of getting home are far greater if they’re kept in the area where they are found,” said Jon Gary, Animal Welfare Superintendent.

He says if you find a lost pet and can keep it for a few days, do what you can to search for the owner on social media sites before taking it to the shelter.

“Less than 20% of the dogs are reclaimed once they enter our doors. And they’re far more likely to get home if they’re left in the area where they’re found,” Gary said.

Also, residents who have been thinking about getting a pet are encouraged to come to the shelter and adopt.

“We have over 100 dogs available for adoption and have for several months. Currently, over 400 dogs are in our shelter and we need all the help we can get in order to get them into a home and out of our building,” he said.

Lastly, pet owners are encouraged to spay and neuter their pets to prevent the homeless pet population from growing even more.

Go to www.okc.gov/departments/animal-welfare for more information on how to adopt a pet.