DEER CREEK, Okla. (KFOR) – A Deer Creek mobile home fire just before noon Monday sent flames raging, and smoke was seen for miles.

Owner of the house, Anthony Adams and his wife were taking a nap in their bedroom when he noticed his door swinging open and closed. He walked to the hallway and was alerted to the fire.

“There’s black smoke coming down the hallway. As soon as I went into my living room to get them [turtles], a propane bottle that I had in my living room or kitchen exploded and just, ‘boom’, and shot me into the entertainment center,” said Adams.

Adams said he lost two turtles in the fire, but luckily, one did survive.

The Deer Creek Fire Department led the scene. Cashion, Oak Cliff and Piedmont fire crews were there to help gather water.

Due to the lack of a nearby hydrants, crews had to set up large pools for trucks to dump water into.

Michael Montgomery, Deer Creek Fire Protection District Assistant Chief, said the delay in getting sufficient amounts of water was not the reason for the total loss of the house.

“My engine one arrived on scene first, and we had a fully involved structure,” said Montgomery.

He said because of the type of house, the material burns quick and spreads fast.

McIntyre Law Chopper 4 was on the scene when fire crews first arrived. Pilot Mason Dunn could see large flames and plumes of smoke as he approached from the air.

Thankfully, nobody at the scene was seriously injured.

Adams sustained small scrapes to his arms, and he was visibly shaken from the fire.

He sat there, staring at his charred house, realizing the reality that was left.

“I have no vehicle. My other one is in the back, toast,” said Adams. “We pretty much have nothing. We have no family.”