OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Nearly everything went according to plan for Mateah Piatt’s wedding, except for the two paid vendors that were a no show.

Mateah Piatt said she loves planning, so she didn’t mind being her own wedding planner.

“I did so much research on all of our vendors and everything, so I felt like, you know, I’d done a pretty good job of getting all the vendors correct so we could have a perfect day,” said Piatt.

She told KFOR they didn’t have a strict budget, but didn’t want to go crazy with wedding spending.

“It all went according to plan and then we were waiting for two of the vendors to show later in the day,” said Piatt.

Piatt said she paid Bouncing J’s in Norman $250 to set up marquee letters that would spell her new last name.

According to an invoice from Bouncing J’s, Piatt paid in full by January 4.

She followed up with the business over email in June about the letters.

“What letters were you renting and what is the date for the rental? We have had a change in staff and I am unable to find your information,” an email from the business to Piatt stated.

Bouncing J’s managed to find the invoice for Piatt and asked what time they would need to set up, according to emails provided to News 4.

Piatt replied with a time, but never heard back until August when she asked about renting table linens.

According to a text message from Piatt to a Bouncing J’s representative, she checked in with the business on her wedding day just before 5 p.m., but didn’t hear back.

Piatt said she also messaged the business on Instagram and called them through social media, but there was no answer.

Piatt added she eventually heard back from the business, claiming they couldn’t find her order again.

“I had followed up every month pretty much following up to the wedding. It’s just kind of frustrating because, you know, you trust these people with your day. I paid well in advance. It’s just frustrating that they would forget us on our big day when we respected them and trusted them for our big day,” said Piatt.

Bouncing J’s Vice President of Operations, Nancy Longacre told KFOR the reason for their no show was due to staffing issues.

“We don’t have a contract. Every event and rental that we have is on a calendar. We did not have any information on her rental. With the staffing issues that we have had, this has been one of the problems where they have communicated. They have double booked our business center. They have not communicated the fact that we had rentals for the bounce house, for the letters. This is an ongoing thing that we’re still trying to clean up right now,” explained Longacre.

Longacre mentioned Piatt and the business weren’t in constant communication until the day of the wedding.

News 4 asked about the emails dated June 1 and August 14 with Longacre’s name attached to the email signature.

“My name is on all of the emails that are used by all the venue staff. I personally had not ever communicated with her via phone or email and that is another reason we’ve gone through some staffing changes,” added Longacre.

Longacre told KFOR how apologetic the business is for missing Piatt’s wedding.

“I know that doesn’t change anything at all,” she said.

Longacre said a reimbursement check to Piatt would be available Tuesday.

As for the videographer Piatt booked in March for $675, Piatt said she has only received a $250 refund.

According to Ashley George Productions, the wrong date was written down and the business wasn’t able to attend Piatt’s wedding.

“I apologize to the fullest extent. In the seven years I have been shooting, I have only had to miss one other wedding due to Covid,” said the business in a text message to Piatt on Sunday.

Piatt told KFOR she has asked for the rest of her refund, but has yet to see the remaining $425.

News 4 reached out to the business on Tuesday about Piatt’s wedding and refund.

“I have been open and honest with this bride the entire time and she will receive her full refund this week, just like I communicated to her. This has been completely blown out of proportion,” said the owner of Ashley George Productions, Ashley George. “This is the first wedding I’ve ever missed due to my mistake. Some hard hitting news!”

Piatt and her husband are currently in Mexico on their honeymoon. We’ll check back in to see if they’ve received their refunds.