STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) — A Stillwater non-profit is heartbroken after their center to help adults with cognitive disabilities was vandalized. Now, MPower is asking the community for help, while they clean up and try to get back to normal.

“We’ve been violated,” said Pam Carpenter, a board member and vice president of MPower.

MPower staff has been cleaning for days after vandals struck Saturday night.

MPower is a non-profit that helps adults with cognitive disabilities.

Carpenter’s son, Luke, is an MPower client because he has autism and can’t speak. Tuesday was also Luke’s 34th birthday.

“He’s a little disappointed because usually he gets to come to Mpower and he didn’t get to come today,” said Carpenter.

MPower believes teens broke into the facility through glass doors and windows before hitting every room in the former elementary school building.

“Just trying to make as much destruction as possible. It’s just hard to wrap our heads around that,” said Carpenter.

MPower said it must have taken the the suspects hours to cause all the damage. The suspects painted on the floors, walls, and office equipment. They broke nearly every glass they could get their hands on. They also busted walls and doors.

MPower staff said the vandals also destroyed an expensive life-like baby doll that was beloved by one of their clients who is blind.

They also stole from the client’s vending machine funds, used to help them understand the value of money.

“They took the money out of the bags, left the bags, and stole the money,” said Carpenter.

If that wasn’t enough, the vandals also started a fire.

“They found a bible and put it in the microwave and turned it on,” said Carpenter. “When they left, they actually pulled the fire alarm. Fortunately that notified the authorities.”

Firefighters saw the damage and called Stillwater Police.

“They were estimating about $75,000 to $100,000 in damages,” said Sgt. TJ Lowe, with the Stillwater Police Dept. “I’d say that’s quite a bit, especially for a non profit.”

Thankfully, MPower had surveillance footage and turned it over to investigators. News 4 has requested a copy.

Since then, MPower said it’s received an outpouring of community support. A local church group also came by to pitch in.

“They swept up all the glass, which was everywhere, and they boarded up all the windows,” said Carpenter.

However, MPower said it will take much more to get back to normal.

They are working on an Amazon Wish List, which will be posted on their Facebook page. They have also started a GoFundMe or you can make monetary donations through their website or may checks to MPower at the following address:

OK Community Credit Union

311 E. McElroy

Stillwater, Ok 74075

Around the same time of the vandalism at MPower, the Stillwater Softball/Baseball complex locker room was also hit. Police said there was no evidence to indicate the two are connected, but officers said the vandalism was similar.+

“Without a confession or somebody to come forward and say this is who did it… it’s kind of hard to pinpoint that those two are similar,” said Lt. Lowe.

The team was at an away game, so equipment wasn’t stolen. Players’ parents helped with the cleanup.