MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – Westmoore High School students won’t let their sorrow stand in the way of spreading holiday cheer.

“They called me up and said, ‘Hey coach, we’ve got to move forward with this, and we’ve got to be in our community,'” said Tim Grantham, Westmoore High School football and track & field coach. 

Grantham told KFOR he hopes serving will help his students with healing after losing one of their classmates Thursday. 

Moore Public Schools released an update on the deadly wreck in a statement on Friday: 

“We can share that the Oklahoma City Police Department confirmed that sophomore Colby McCarron passed away in the accident. The families of sophomores Tanner Kilgore, Ireland McCauley, and Kelly Ward have allowed us to share that they are currently receiving hospital care. Other families impacted by the accident have requested privacy concerning this matter.” 

McCarron succumbed to his injuries in a multi-vehicle car wreck near Southwest 134th and Penn Thursday afternoon. 

Despite grieving, the school’s track team will still volunteer at Ebenezer Baptist Church’s massive Christmas giveaway this weekend.

“In light of the tragedy, we felt what better way to honor, you know, our student body, our school, our community than to spread the love of Jesus,” said Grantham. 

Hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of food, furnishings, and Christmas decorations will be given to Oklahomans for free at Ebenezer Baptist Church Saturday morning. 

“Those young people coming and serving will leave here encouraged,” said Pastor Derrick Scoobey. “We will be sure of that.” 

MPS stated Westmoore High School will have online resources that may help student(s) over the holiday break. 

The Christmas Giveaway will be held at 11 a.m., Dec. 17 at Ebenezer Baptist Church.