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STROUD, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) released new information Thursday in an erratic semi-truck road rage incident caught on camera. 

OHP identified the driver as Gilberto Ortiz from California.

“We don’t believe he was an Oklahoma resident. He had a California driver’s license,” Trooper Zach Hargus said. 

Ortiz was high on methamphetamine while driving recklessly in a semi-truck Wednesday night on the Turner Turnpike, officials said.

A driver captured the entire ordeal on his cell phone. 

“This is something I have never seen in my life,” is heard on the video. “Pull this a**hole over. I am tired of this.”

The video showed Ortiz weaving in and out of lanes and even driving in the middle of both lanes for more than forty minutes.

“What the hell is this? It started in Tulsa. He was trying to run people off the road in Tulsa. He almost hit like three other trucks,” said the driver. “He’s going to jail.”

Hargus told KFOR that Ortiz swallowed meth and believes that’s the reason he was being reckless behind the wheel.

When troopers did catch up to him, Ortiz refused to pull over.

“He had multiple chances to stop his vehicle in a safe area. He refused to do so,” Trooper Hargus said. “This could’ve been a lot worse.”

Ortiz eventually stopped after trooper deployed stop sticks. 

He’s now in the Lincoln County Jail facing numerous traffic and drug charges.