OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Get ready because it is being predicted Oklahoma could be in for a cold, wet and snowy winter this year.

Here is what we can expect. 

Enjoy this fall weather while you can because experts say winter is coming! And from what they’re saying it’s going to be big. So, grab all of your winter essentials and prepare for a cold, wet and snowy winter! 

“There’s a lot of buzz about the upcoming winter forecast for Oklahoma. The Old Farmer’s Almanac says lots and lots of snow for Oklahoma,” said Mike Morgan, KFOR’s Chief Meteorologist. 

If you’re one to like the snow, this Oklahoma Winter may be for you.  

“People should prepare… The odds should be tilted towards that snowy future for us here in the next few months,” said Gary McManus, State Climatologist for Oklahoma.  

KFOR’s Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan said  El Nino is to blame for wintery weather predictions this year. 

“But something to consider. The ocean temperatures both for the Pacific and the Atlantic and the Gulf, are above normal. We’ve got to overpower that warmth in Oklahoma first, with a strong El Nino. Then you’ve got to pull in the Northern branch to bring down the cold air before we can get the heavy snow,” said Morgan.  

Experts say El Nino is looking strong this year. 

“El Nino is the warming of the oceanic waters off the West Coast… That tends to bring especially the western half of the state, a little bit more snow than normal and sometimes a little bit more snow, but sometimes with quite a bit more snow,” said McManus. 

State Climatologist for Oklahoma, Gary McManus said we could see the snow shift towards the Oklahoma City area. 

“The opposite side of that is the eastern half of the state gets a little bit less snow during the strong El Nino. So, it’s a little bit of a double-edged sword there,” said McManus.  

You’ve still got time to enjoy the fall weather. 

Right now, KFOR’s 4Warn Storm Team is predicting to see the first snowfall between Thanksgiving and Christmas.