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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Part 1 of the investigative audit into Epic Charter Schools is expected to be handed over to the Attorney General’s Office to evaluate the evidence, but a local trial lawyer tells KFOR she is convinced no laws have been broken.

“I have seen a lot of fraud in my 23 years and this deeply concerns me,” State Auditor Cindy Byrd announced Thursday afternoon.

“There are no allegations of fraud,” Metro trial lawyer Jacqui Ford said. “There are no allegations of wrongdoing.”

A newly released 120-page investigative audit spotlights Epic Charter Schools spending, but metro trial lawyer Jacqui Ford calls the bombshell news a policy ploy.

“The fact that that’s what her goal is, doesn’t mean that Epic actually did anything wrong,” Ford said.

The State Auditor ended the investigative audit with several recommendations, including “more oversight”, calling it “virtually non-existent”.

Byrd also adds “all funds should be maintained in a public bank account.. In the report, she points directly to Epic’s Chief Financial Officer Josh Brock.

“How can the CFO of the school also be the CFO of the for-profit?” Byrd said.

“She wants the law to change,” Ford said. “She needs to take that up with the legislature, not Epic Charter Schools.”

Epic Charter Schools called today’s announcement “theatrics” and went on to say, “Policy makers should be cautious about believing politicians over parents.”

The findings will also be shared with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the Oklahoma Tax Commission, the Office of Inspector General, the IRS and the FBI.

An OSBI investigation into Epic is still active. OSBI tells KFOR, “The audit’s findings will be utilized as OSBI continues to unravel many layers in the complicated investigation.”

The full audit report is as follows:

Late Friday afternoon Epic released a detailed response to the audit and it is below.