OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Thunder ranks in the top 10 for highest percentage of international fans among NBA teams.

According to Gambling.com, research shows a closer look into geographic location of National Basketball Association franchises. Based on social media following, NBA teams have been ranked according to highest and lowest international fanbase.

Top 10 NBA teams with the largest international fanbases:

  1. Brooklyn Nets: 52.80%
  2. Golden State Warriors: 52.30%
  3. Los Angeles Lakers: 52.00%
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves: 51.40%
  5. Los Angeles Clippers: 49.70%
  6. Toronto Raptors: 49.70%
  7. Oklahoma City Thunder: 49.20%
  8. Boston Celtics: 49.16%
  9. Milwaukee Bucks: 48.90%
  10. Denver Nuggets: 47.90%

Officials say Brazil is the most common country to appear among the international fanbases of the NBA, showing up 7 times as a team’s largest international fanbase. Canada is close behind in second place showing up 5 times on the list, while Australia places third with 4 appearances on the list.