CHANDLER, Okla. (KFOR) – UPDATE: OG&E had the following response to their investigation into the alleged power surge:

“We can confirm the customer’s claim was denied because it was determined that neither OG&E employees or contractors caused the damage. When they responded to an outage at the customer’s home, our crews found that a third party working in the area had damaged OG&E equipment.”

Oklahoma Gas & Electric


Dana Simpson returned to her Chandler home after a day of work on May 9th to find half her kitchen had burned and her stovetop had exploded.

“It was a power surge,” said Simpson.

She says OG&E shuts off power to her neighborhood near Forest Drive weekly, if not daily. Several other neighbors agreed, saying that it happens quite often.

“They shut it off and then we have to wait for it to turn back on, it’s a headache,” said Simpson.

She said what happened to her was going to happen eventually to someone in their neighborhood, “it’s only a matter of time.”

The damage took out her stovetop oven, and the microwave and burned many parts of the counter around the kitchen.

“You don’t realize how much you use a stovetop and a microwave until you’ve lost them,” said Simpson. “When I opened the door that day my house was full of smoke and it smelled like something electrical had burned. I went into the kitchen to find the stovetop had blown up, there were things shot across the kitchen. It was disastrous.”

What’s more, after she filed a claim against OG&E trying to get some of her money back she was denied.

“It’s insane, I didn’t do this,” said Simpson.

Picture from Simpson of the damage to the stovetop.

She waited weeks before she got any sort of response back. She eventually got a letter from OG&E that said their investigation found the fault of the power surge was from a third-party contractor.

“They wouldn’t tell me who or what they knew about it or anything,” said Simpson.

For now, Simpson is left without many of her kitchen appliances and the fear that it could all happen again.

“Yesterday OG&E shot us a text message saying that they were shutting down the power,” said Simpson. “My daughter and I were home last night and I was scared to come into the house until the electricity came back on.”

Another picture of the stovetop and microwave damage.

KFOR has reached out to OG&E to find out who the third-party contractor is or the details of their investigation. We have yet to receive any answers.

“I need my stuff replaced. We live paycheck-to-paycheck,” said Simpson. “I mean, I have already been 15 days without any of it.”