OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A man is in custody after he led multiple agencies on a high speed chase throughout Northeast Oklahoma County this afternoon.

Police say the chase began when the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call out of Pottawatomie County regarding a reckless driver.

“We put a BOTLO out for him and one of our deputies spotted him just before 4pm, ” said Aaron Brilbeck of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. 

Brilbeck said it was a miracle there were no injuries to bystanders or first responders. 

“During the course of that pursuit, he had reached speeds of upwards of 100 miles per hour extremely dangerous situation, several times, getting close to hitting several vehicles,” he added saying Oklahoma City Police and other agencies sooned joined in to help.

The situation quickly turned dangerous – as police trailed him the said he came very close to hitting other cars, before eventually firing shots at officers and deputies. 

“He apparently was also involved in some type of a domestic incident over in Lincoln County where he slashed someone’s tires,” he continued.

The stolen truck turned out to be a red Dodge Durango out of the front yard of Seryna Sigman.

“My car is very noticeable [but] it wasn’t there [in the yard] and shock kicked in immediately [when I realized it had been taken],” she said in an interview with KFOR. 

Seryna said she called 911 and a responding officer told her the truck could be involved in a chase. 

“Then my phone just started ringing off the hook. People calling me saying, ‘I think your car’s in high speed chase. Sure enough, the video came up [on the news] and it was my car. I do not wish that on anybody watching your car get completely destroyed like that,” she added saying the man threw all of the items out of the vehicle as he continued his joyride, stopping in the yard of Chad Yousey.

A Go Fund Me has been set up to help her purchase a new vehicle.

Yousey said he saw the man get out of his car and make his way towards his truck.

“I heard the choppers in, the sirens and all that and thought, ‘What in the world’?” he said.

“I was like, Well, you know, something’s going on here. So I ran into my house and I grabbed my gun and walked back out on the porch and started to yell at the guy and he just ignored me and kept going through my car,” he added, saying the man ultimately stole a pistol out of the truck before officers arrived on scene and attempted to take him down.

However, the man was able to drive away from the scene with the gun.

“He just rammed through my gate to get [out of] there. The officers had my gate blocked and he just went off in my pasture and took out my barbed wire fence and everything and jumped the ditch and got back on the road,” he continued.

“I think that’s one thing I’ll do different is not be so nonchalant with who’s pulling in my driveway [but] I’m just glad that it ended the way that it did with him being arrested.”

The car chase ended on a dead end street in a neighborhood in east Oklahoma County after the driver allegedly crashed into a tree.

No officers or bystanders were injured.

Additional information is expected, including the name of the suspect and any pending charges.