OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – You may not be the only one finding comfort in the warmth of your home on these cold winter days.

Rodents, raccoons and other pests tend to make their way into our places of living this time of year. 

Kayla Jobe with the Wildlife X Team puts a lot of miles on her company pickup – helping OKC metro residents kick out unwanted guests of all shapes and sizes.

“You’ll see squirrels, raccoons, possums, skunks, rats and mice, occasionally snakes,” Jobe said.

Wildlife X provides professional humane removal of wildlife as well as damage repair to homes.

“We seal up your home, your property, prevention and make sure that they can’t come back,” said Jobe.

Jobe says with the cold weather, more animals tend to seek shelter in homes – especially ones that appear to have all the amenities they enjoy.

“If you have an animal that you have in your house, a pet leaving food out or any type of human food left out, sometimes that will draw them in,” Jobe said. 

She says with mating season ahead in the next few months, now is the time to be proactive.

Look around your home for any debris or holes.

Additionally – if you have vents check for holes there as well.

“Just any spot where there might look like there’s an animal getting in,” said Jobe. “You don’t want raccoons to come in and make a family in your attic because then you’re going to have a lot more issues.”

Wildlife X Team does trap and release. They do not harm any animals they catch.

If you want to do it yourself, there are places you can purchase traps and prevention kits.