GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Wisconsin woman is facing charges after she was caught with drugs in her car while driving through Garvin County twice in four months.

“My client is innocent,” said Alan Taylor, defense attorney.

Court documents show on August 22, Angela Fleming, of Wisconsin, was pulled over on I-35 near mile marker 60 in Garvin County.

An officer with the District 21 Task Force pulled her over for following too closely.

“How does one measure following too closely?” said Taylor.

According to the court documents, the officer said the 49-year-old was “displaying constant nervous behavior.”

The officer deployed a K9 officer to sniff the car.

Inside, the officer said he found 51 pounds of packages of weed, several marijuana vape cartridges and bags of cash.

The 49-year-old was booked into the Garvin County jail, but later bonded out.

For that traffic stop, documents show Fleming is facing charges including trafficking marijuana, possessing marijuana, and possession of drug proceeds.

Then, on December 14, on I-35 near mile marker 55 near Pauls Valley, the same officer writes he spotted Fleming in a different car.

Documents show, after using plate reader data, Fleming allegedly made cross-country trips that “seemed suspicious and unusual.”

The officer said he let one traffic violation slide, but then pulled her over on a lane change violation.

“When you’re overtaking somebody, you continue to follow the traffic laws, continue to go your speed, and move pass, and then move back, I don’t see any problem with that,” said Taylor.

Again, the officer deployed his K9 after some alleged resistance from Fleming.

This time, the officer said he found 7 pounds of marijuana, THC edibles and vape cartridges, and a vacuumed sealed package of $75-85k in cash.

Fleming was booked into the Garvin County jail for the second time.

Before bonding out, the officer said jail staff called him after finding “2 controlled Adderall pills on Flemings person while she was inside the jail.”

For the December traffic stop, Fleming faces charges for Possession of drug proceeds, possession of marijuana with intent, and bringing contraband into a jail.

The defense attorney told News 4 he questions the differences in the amount of cash found. The affidavit said the officer found up to $85,000. However, documents detailing charges alleges Fleming possessed $50,000.

“Where did the rest of it go?” asked Taylor.

Now, Taylor is fighting a search warrant for Fleming’s phone.

“They asked the judge to search the entire cell phone, past present and future,” said Taylor. “That is a direct violation of the 4th and 5th amendment.”

Taylor also said he questions the validity of the two traffic stops.

“There are legal issues of whether or not a traffic violation even occurred that led to the stop, then everything after that could be fruit of a poisonous tree if we don’t even have a clean stop,” said Taylor

Fleming’s next court date is set for February.

The Garvin County DA declined to comment.