OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A person is in custody after shots were fired in downtown Oklahoma City on Tuesday afternoon. Oklahoma City Police say it all started after there was an altercation.

Witnesses say a man was shot in the hand in a parking lot near Northwest 4th and Hudson, across the street from the EMBARK Transit Center. 

Oklahoma City Police say the victim has non-life-threatening injuries and ran to the Oklahoma County Courthouse after being shot in the parking lot.

“I just wish the violence would stop,” said Desiree Neal, witness. 

Witnesses to the shooting watched the chaos unfold.  

“So, we were working doing the Maxsip Telecom Tablets and everything like that. And then I guess a guy came up and shoulder bumped one of the employees of mine. He said, ’hey leave me alone, don’t touch me’ and the guy ended up pulling out his gun, waving it around. I guess he like shot it in the alley and then shot somebody,” said Briana Beller, witness.  

Witnesses told KFOR that Oklahoma City Police quickly arrived and started detaining people near the scene.

“He just turns around and shoots at some random civilian. But his name was Taye, that’s about as much as I know,” said Andrew Flowers, witness. 

Andrew Flowers says he’s familiar with the suspect who hangs out in the area often.  

“It is someone we have seen before who has caused incidents before… Never thought he would really shoot at somebody, though,” said Flowers.  

Flowers says the gun looked like a .44 magnum.  

“It looked like it was an incinerator round, you know, the little green rounds. And it was just crazy,” said Flowers.  

Oklahoma City Police say further information on the person in custody will be available on Wednesday.