YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – Yukon Police arrested a woman after she reportedly assaulted hospital staff Monday night at INTEGRIS Health Canadian Valley Hospital off Garth Brooks Blvd.

Breanna Hernandez faces charges of assault and battery upon emergency medical care providers after she reportedly attacked at least two nurses and a security guard. A friend reportedly brought Hernandez to the hospital after she was acting “strangely.”

Yukon police responded to the 911 call following the attack.

“She became combative, and she undressed herself during this process while they were trying to attend to her,” said Major Zach Roberson with the Yukon Police Department.

Roberson said that was when Hernandez left her hospital bed, raced down the hallway past patients, and tried to break into the ICU area. She allegedly assaulted nurses in the process.

“Security actually tried to take her into custody,” said Roberson. “They tried to force her to the ground.”

Officers said Hernandez started kicking, punching, and biting the security officer.

“[Hospital staff] wound up actually getting her back to the room so they could calm her down a little bit… actually had to use some sort of restraints to get her to calm down,” said Roberson.

Nearly half a dozen officers tried to remove Hernandez from the hospital. She attempted to run but was detained by police. She struggled with police who were forced to carry her to the patrol car.

“They were kicked several times. I believe some of them were headbutted,” said Roberson.

INTEGRIS Health sent News 4 a statement following the situation:

INTEGRIS Health is a healing environment. Aggressive behavior is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Assaulting a medical professional who is engaged in the performance of his or her official duties is a serious crime according to section 650.4 of title 21 of the Oklahoma statutes.

Violators may be escorted from the premises and are subject to prosecution.

KFOR also reached out to the Jane Nelson, CEO of the Oklahoma Nurses Association, who said more needed to be done to protect hospital staff from violence.

“It is tragic anytime a nurse experiences any kind of violence in the line of duty.  Unfortunately, nurses and other healthcare workers experience higher rates of violence than others,” said Nelson. “One in four nurses experience workplace violence similar to what this nurse experienced. Acts such as this affect all involved including other patients who may not receive the care they deserve. ONA has advocated to increase penalties for those who assault healthcare workers. In addition, facilities have posted signage telling the public that violence against nurses and other healthcare workers will not be tolerated.”