GOLDSBY, Okla (KFOR) — A woman in Goldsby was attacked by a dog on Wednesday in her front yard. She believes the dog belonged to a neighbor who had posted for help to find her missing dogs.

“He never growled at me before he attacked me he never showed signs or anything it just split second just straight attack mode,” said Tessa Fite, who was attacked by the dog.

Moments before Tessa Fite was attacked by a stray dog, she saw him near her back yard.

“I went and let my dogs out and the second I opened the door I saw two stray dogs they weren’t close enough to see like what kind of dogs,” said Fite.

She said the dogs looked big, so she brought her dogs back inside. Shortly after that, Tessa took the trash out in the front yard.

“As I did they came out from that corner of the fence and popped out behind the trash can and I kind of like stopped and I looked at him, and then I started walking away,” said Fite.

Though, she didn’t get very far before chaos ensued.

“That’s when the male grabbed the back of my foot and then started shaking and got me on the ground and then started dragging me towards that tree line and then bit the top of my foot,” said Fite.

Tessa and her husband, Nick, got married three weeks ago and were enjoying newlywed life when the attack put things on pause.

Her husband jumped into action at the sound of her screams and got her to safety.

They believe the dogs were missing when they showed up at the house.

“Earlier that morning, I saw on the Washington page someone posted about her two Rottweilers got out and were missing and didn’t really think anything of it. It wasn’t until later when a post was made of the attack that I realized that the post was removed,” said Fite.

News 4 tried to call the woman who posted about the missing Rottweilers, but the call was sent to voicemail.

Tessa is now on the road to recovery.

“They gave me 5 rabies shots in my foot like one in each puncture wound and laceration i got a tetanus and then another rabies in my arm,” said Fite.

She hopes her story will bring awareness to situations like this and help others understand the possible dangers of a stray or missing dog. To learn more on Tessa and Nick’s story, go to the Go Fund Me page, here.