YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – Seven allegations of “sexual impropriety” have been filed against a Yukon chiropractor, including one who claims he sexually assaulted her during a chiropractic session and broke her tailbone in the midst of it.

Jacqueline Harrington used to be a regular patient of Dr. Mark Kimble’s.

Dr. Kimble is a chiropractor with The Back Stop on W. Reno.

Harrington told KFOR Dr. Kimble was performing chiropractic procedures on her over a year ago when the assault happened.

According to the Oklahoma State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Dr. Kimble allegedly put Harrington’s legs in a sexual position and rubbed his genitalia against hers.

Harrington said in the process of that, her tailbone was broken.

“This changed me. It did,” said Harrington.

Harrington said she has been in pain ever since.

“It’s been quite painful at times where I’m in tears, screaming in pain,” added Harrington.

She said this incident has impacted her sexual life and physical/mental well-being.

During KFOR’s interview with Harrington, she mentioned she became fearful after her incident with Dr. Kimble, but she’s working towards recovery.

“Nobody should ever have to live in that fear,” said Harrington.

In addition to Harrington’s complaint, six others were filed between May 2021 and November 2022.

The other complaints claim Dr. Kimble either touched their buttocks, rubbed himself against their genitalia, rubbed himself against their thighs, or had inappropriate conversations about his sex life.

The OBCE investigation revealed Dr. Kimble admitted to having two consensual sexual relationships with patients which the board says is a clear violation of their Code of Ethics.

“Chiropractic physicians shall not abuse the physician’s position of trust by coercion, manipulation or fraudulent representation in the doctor-patient relationship,” the OBCE’s Code of Ethics reads.

The OBCE’s Code of Ethics states chiropractic physicians cannot engage in sexual misconduct during a doctor-patient relationship.

The doctor-patient relationship must be terminated before dating or having a sexual relationship with a patient, according to the OBCE’s Code of Ethics.

Chiropractors are also not allowed to engage in sexual impropriety and sexual violations.

News 4 reached out to Dr. Kimble on Facebook for comment.

Dr. Kimble admitted to KFOR only one sexual relationship with a patient.

“It was a huge mistake and I’m paying for it,” said Dr. Kimble.

When asked why he signed the OBCE’s Consent Order saying otherwise, he said he did so to “move on.”

Dr. Kimble also said Harrington’s claims of breaking her tailbone aren’t true.

“I still haven’t heard anything from any doctor or seen any x-rays showing she was injured. If I did injure her, then I would like to know and try to remedy the situation like most doctors would, but she still hasn’t told me. I would never touch her inappropriately, and I never assaulted her,” explained Dr. Kimble. “I’m not a perfect person, but I would never sexually assault anyone or hurt anyone on purpose.”

Dr. Kimble continued his statement with, “I am not that kind of person and this will ruin me.”

After nearly two years of the OBCE investigating, the board moved forward with disciplinary action in February.

Dr. Kimble had his chiropractic license suspended for four months beginning March 1, 2023.

He has also been ordered to pay $3,500 in administrative penalties as well as $998.75 in attorney’s fees.

Both of those must be paid within 30 days of the Consent Order issue which was Feb. 23.

Dr. Kimble will also be required to complete the Ethics and Boundaries Assessment Services (EBAS) Ethics and Boundaries Essay Examination.

Once Dr. Kimble’s suspension is lifted, he will be placed on an 18 month probation.

During the remainder of his professional licensure by OBCE, Dr. Kimble will be required to have a female employee present in the treatment room when treating a female patient, according to OBCE.

Dr. Kimble is also required to submit himself, at his own expense, to a psychological evaluation.

That evaluation shall determine a treatment plan for Dr. Kimble.

“Dr. Kimble must follow all recommendations made by a licensed psychologist and/or psychiatrist.  This Board does not have the expertise in this field and therefore required an assessment and treatment plan by a licensed mental health provider,” said the OBCE Executive Director, Beth Kidd.

Kidd said this disciplinary action came after a negotiation between parties and was approved by the OBCE.

“I think the decision was fair. I wish I had more say on the allegations and I wish I could have explained my side a little better, but that really wasn’t done,” said Dr. Kimble.

On the flip side, Harrington’s attorney, Conner Helms told KFOR the punishment is “too lax.”

Helms said Harrington may have to go through rehabilitation and medical procedures with the possibility of amputating a piece of Harrington’s tailbone.

“I was thinking about my family and how I have two daughters. They’re grown adults now and how predators out there in the public are out there and they need to be stopped. And Kimble is one of those types of people. He needs to be punished for what he did and it needs to be from a jury of his peers,” stated Helms.

Helms said he has only been working with Harrington for the last week, but with the evidence he has uncovered, he believes they have a strong case.

Helms said he is also speaking with other chiropractic physicians for background information on the profession and its protocols.

He told KFOR he has requested Harrington’s medical records which show examinations of her broken tailbone.

“[Dr. Kimble] is the one who did it. He shouldn’t be contesting it,” said Helms.

Helms filed a civil proceedings petition Thursday to which Dr. Kimble will have 20 days to respond.

Helms is seeking restitution damages for Harrington.

“I pray to God this man is held accountable,” stated Harrington.

OBCE told KFOR if Dr. Kimble fails to comply with the given punishment, it may result in further disciplinary action.

Kidd was unable to provide KFOR with information pertaining to prior complaints filed against Dr. Kimble.

However, Kidd said Dr. Kimble has no prior disciplinary history with OBCE.

Helms is only representing Harrington at this point, but encourages any other victim to come forward.