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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Police Department released new security footage of an alleged attempted kidnapping at a Northwest OKC apartment complex. Officers are still searching for the suspect.

“I find it very suspicious,” said Sydney Massa, who lives nearby. “It’s definitely a concerning situation.”

“I’m really surprised about it,” said Stanley Nelson, a resident at the same apartment complex.

A suspect was caught on camera, lurking in the shadows of the Indigo Apartments, near Northwest 122nd and Penn on February 8th.

Oklahoma City police said the man in the security video, wearing what appears to be white shorts and a hoodie, tried to kidnap a woman. They said he grabbed her from behind as she checked the mail.

“I better not see nobody trying to do something like that,” said Nelson.

In the newly released video, police said the suspect parked his SUV near the exit of the complex. He’s seen walking around before dipping out of frame. At some point, the woman appears, walking to the mailbox, with the suspect not too far behind.

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The suspect seen in surveillance footage following someone.

Police said the victim was able to break free and run away.

“That’s why I’m shocked when you tell me somebody’s trying to do something,” said Nelson. “I’m like that, I don’t know.”

Neighbors watched the video with KFOR for the first time. They described the community as quiet.

“I feel very safe in this community, especially walking alone at night with my dog,” said Massa.

Police said thankfully, the woman wasn’t hurt. However, officers want to find him before he strikes again.

“I wouldn’t be out at night, late at night, you know. Especially if you’re a female,” said Nelson. “I don’t care if it’s Beverly Hills. You don’t do that because somebody just could be stupid enough to try something.”

“In our community, you know, we’re here for you. If you need help, whatsoever, don’t be afraid to reach out,” said Massa.

Police said they believe the suspect is a black man around 5’10” and weighing about 170 pounds.

News 4 asked Indigo Apartments personnel for a statement, but we have not received it just yet.