CHOCTAW, Okla. (KFOR) – UPDATE: Angry Beavers has reached out to KFOR with an invoice of payment for nearly $2,000 for what remains and what they believe is owed. They say they offered the payment to Sheila instead of finishing the fence.

Shiela said she was not aware of the payment nor had agreed to the exact amount they offered.

ORIGINAL: After nearly two months and $10,000, an Oklahoma woman said she is frustrated because her Choctaw home’s fence was meant to be replaced but it remains in disrepair.

“I have already had two dogs get run over after getting out from the old fence. That’s why I was wanting to get a new one,” said Shiela Edwards.

Edwards said on April 12 she hired a contractor called Angry Beavers to come in and replace her backyard fence. The crew came and started replacing a lot of the fencing but stopped.

She said that every time she has asked if they’re going to finish it they always had an excuse or reason not to.

“One time they wanted the day, then she had a doctor’s appointment and she didn’t show because that took too long,” said Edwards. “Then her daughter got suspended from school so that took too long for her. Then she was at another doctor’s appointment. Then her boyfriend had to meet with her ex.”

“I’m really big about not telling me you’re going to do something and then not doing it, that’s a lie,” said Edwards. “They told me that the $9,600 I gave to them to get it fixed isn’t a lot but it is for someone like me who can hardly even feed their kids.”

Across the backyard are fence panels laid out on the grass with some dead grass spots where others once were.

In an attempt to bring in the fence line on the west side of her property, the contractors started building a new one but stopped. Now there is a giant gap that leads out past her backyard.

“Look at that, I’ve got grass and weeds growing all back there, what am I going to do with that?” said Edwards.

The fence line located in Edward’s backyard needs fixing.

Edwards estimated that a quarter of the entire fence line needs to be finished. She says she is looking for it to be done but is fearful it won’t be.

KFOR reached out to Angry Beavers and they said they would work with Edwards to try and fix the problem. They offered to pay the amount left over after leaving the rest of the fence posts.