EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Tensions were high at an Edmond Middle School after a woman attacked a school secretary moments after trying to check a family member out of class.

Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, said Nicole Sanders walked into Summit Middle School Wednesday morning to check a student out of class.

“The female comes to the office and sees the adult female that was there,  immediately kind of gets disturbed by it and goes back,” said Sheriff Johnson.

School staff saw the concerned look on the student’s face and called the child’s mother.

“The mother says ‘Hey, you are not to release my kiddo to this individual,’” said Sheriff Johnson.

Sanders, 31, was told to get out of the school. While she was leaving, a secretary was letting students inside another part of the building. That’s when Sanders seized the opportunity and attacked the secretary.

Body cam footage shows Sanders grabbing the secretary by the hair.

“They took her to get checked out this morning and we expect her to be okay,” said Jeff Bardach with Edmond Public Schools.

Thankfully the school resource officer, an Oklahoma County deputy, was there. Sanders was tased and arrested.

“The suspect did say she left bombs around the school,” said the sheriff. “There are no credible threats.”

News 4 captured video of Sanders with a spit hood on her head, as she tried to get away from and kicked at officers, while she was hand cuffed.

Sheriff Johnson said Sanders was having a mental health episode. Thankfully, she never made it inside the actual building.

“The school had a great plan in place for protecting these kids,” said the sheriff.

Sanders was taken to the Oklahoma County Jail on several complaints including assault and battery on an officer, school staff and medical personnel.