OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A woman was injured in a dog attack Friday in southwest Oklahoma City that left her with open wounds on her arm and leg that had to be stitched up.

Sarah Califano said it was three dogs that attacked her unprovoked in a parking lot near SW 59th St. and Pennsylvania Ave.

Now, she said she just wants some answers after the dog owner left the scene.

“All three were definitely jumping, angry. Very unprovoked,” Califano said.

Her injuries were severe enough that she had to go to the emergency room.

“There was a little girl behind me. If that dog would have gotten a little child, I mean, they could have died,” Califano said.

It happened when she was meeting her mom, grandma and younger sister at a store.

However, she never made it inside.

“I was walking in the parking lot and there’s this guy on a bike and three pit bulls. So, they came running at me. I wasn’t trying to pet them or anything and they were barking,” she said. “I definitely was like, ‘Oh, my goodness’, like, ‘What do I do?'”

Califano said she was in the middle of the parking lot and knew she couldn’t get away.

“They were pretty big,” she said. “The first thing I did was put my arm up and that’s when it bit my arm, bit my leg.”

Califano said the owner tried to call them off, but they didn’t listen until the damage was done. That’s when she said the owner just left with the dogs.

“He, uh, he didn’t say much,” she said.

Blurred photo of dog bite
Sarah Califano’s injury on Tuesday, Feb. 28. Image KFOR.

Califano went to the emergency room while bystanders called 911 and followed the guy to take pictures and get his address.

She’s written a statement for animal control, but she said she hasn’t heard back or gotten any information.

Now, Califano said she is hoping to get some answers before it happens to someone else.

“Let’s find out who this is. He’s going to go to court, pay this ticket, but he can’t get his ticket until they pick my statement up,” she said. “I also don’t want these dogs out and about.”

KFOR reached out to Oklahoma City Animal Welfare to see where her case was. Right now, we are awaiting information on her case’s status.