MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) – A former Mustang homeowner is saying OG&E owes her money and they’re giving her the runaround. She reached out to KFOR, telling us a technician broke her gas line and she was told if she fixed the issue on her own dollar, that OG&E would reimburse her for the repair cost.

Well, almost two months later she’s still waiting to be repaid.

On December 14, 2022, Danielle Gayski was living on the 800 block of West Perry Street in Mustang. While at work, she said she got a notification from OG&E about a neighborhood-wide power outage.

“I realized that they were in my backyard, and they had this huge hole dug,” she described what she saw upon arriving home.

A crew of OG&E servicepeople were in her yard.

“Probably like an hour later, they hit the gas line and said that I needed to leave my house and get it repaired and then they would reimburse me,” she continued the story.

Gayski said the OG&E technician that told her this even called her later that day to reiterate the reimbursement instructions.

So, she had a plumber fix the gas line the next day and paid them $1,040 out of her own pocket.

Then, she called OG&E to get the reimbursement she says she was promised.

“They kept giving me the runaround saying, oh, give us ten business days” she explained. “Then the ten business days would go by, and I would call again, and they would be like, oh something else came up, give us another ten business days.”

It’s almost two months later and she still hasn’t been re-paid, which is why she reached out to KFOR for help.

“I just want them to pay us back, because for the last two months they’ve told me they’re going to pay me back,” she expressed. “That that’s a lot of money. So that’s what I want.”

After reaching out to OG&E on Monday, a corporate spokesman sent us a statement saying, “We are contacting the customer directly to work toward resolving the issue.”

Gayski told us an OG&E attorney also contacted her Monday evening.