CHICKASHA, Okla. (KFOR) – A woman steals hundreds of thousands of dollars from her mother, and now the mother is suing the bank to get her money back.

Tamara Walters admitted to Chickasha Police that she forged checks and cashed them, allegedly withdrawing $445,000 from her mother’s bank account.

She told police that she has a gambling addiction, and the money was spent on “electronic gaming” at the casino.

Walters faces 91 felony counts of fraud in Grady County.

In a separate case, her mother, Gala Harper, is now suing Liberty National Bank for allowing this to happen.

“Suspicious activity reports are federally mandated in situations where large cash withdrawals are made,” said Paul Kolker, Harper’s attorney. “The transactions we’re talking about were all large cash withdrawals. They were repeated and nothing was ever said or done.”

Kolker said that all the withdrawals were over $3,000.

According to the affidavit from Grady County, Walters took her mother’s check book, wrote out checks to herself, and then cashed out 91 times in the span of about 10 months. The withdrawals happened from February to December of 2021.

“My client’s an elderly lady,” said Kolker, defending his client. “She was clearly taken advantage of. It happened 91 times and the bank never intervened.”

The main argument is that the bank should have flagged the activity and notified Harper.

“On 62 separate occasions these forged checks were presented to the same bank teller,” said Kolker. “That’s highly suspicious and yet nothing was ever said or done.”

KFOR reached out to Liberty National Bank but did not hear back.

Walters will have a hearing in the fraud case next month.