MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – Police are searching for a woman after she allegedly threatened to blow up a Moore home because of the decorations in the homeowner’s yard.

“I would say that is terrorism, but that’s just me,” said Jason Sumrall, a neighbor who was shocked when he saw the footage.

Pascal Quintero owns a home in Moore near Southwest Second and Janesway Avenue said that he has always been looking over his shoulder since that day.

Quintero said it began in the afternoon of July 8th when the woman walked up and rang their Ring Doorbell. Camera footage from the Ring Doorbell shows it all unfolds from there.

“She started to ask me if I am Republican because of the American decorations,” said Quintero. “I told her that it’s none of her business who I voted for. She continued questioning me about the decorations and then asked if I was a Trump fan.”

The decorations he had put out were Independence Day themed-with red, white, and blue flags and banners. There was also a big blow-up Uncle Sam character riding a firecracker.

Quintero said that the woman hated the decorations so he told her to get away from his home and that’s when she started going after his family.

“I live with my mother who is elderly and my son who has special needs,” said Quintero. “My family comes first and she’s lucky I only used words in that moment.”

In the video, the woman can be heard demanding he shoot her.

The start of the July 8th video shows the woman involved. {KFOR, Pascaol Quintero}

“She was daring me to shoot her and at one point I asked why I would shoot her,” said Quintero. “She then says I’m coming back to blow your house up. I am like, are you threatening me? You’re going to blow my house up? She said yes, I’m coming back so you’d better be ready.”

He said a police report was filed with the Moore Police Department. Quintero hopes she is caught soon.

“Imagine, every time I go to care for my lawn or go outside I’m hoping that someone isn’t going to drive by and shoot at us or come at us because we decorate our house,” said Quintero.

A freeze from Moore Police used of the woman. {KFOR}

Moore Police Department sent out a flier for people to be on the lookout for the woman. They ask that if anyone has any information on who she might be, to call them immediately.

Neighbors like Sumrall had no clue the incident had occurred and were shocked to find out.

“I have generations of family members who have fought in several different wars,” said Sumrall. “It’s just stupid to me that someone could be offended by something so normal and casual.”

“It’s unbelievable, we always see them putting out the decorations and they’re always incredible,” said Amber Belflower, who lives just down from Quintero’s home. “I think that this is America and that you have the choice to decorate how you want to decorate. Celebrate that day how you want to celebrate it, it’s the Fourth of July.”

If you see the woman or know anything at all you are asked to contact Moore Police immediately.