WEWOKA, Okla. (KFOR) – Two high school seniors from a small town in Oklahoma are currently in the national spotlight after they saved Friday night football. Now, they’re permanent members of the football team.

“People say it’s a sport designed for men, but women can do jut as much as men can,” said Callie Ramsey.

High school seniors Natalie Davis, 18, and Callie Ramsey, 17, grew up together on the softball field. Their high school softball team goes by the self-proclaimed name “The Mighty 8.”

Callie Ramsey and Natalie Davis.
Callie Ramsey and Natalie Davis. Image courtesy Cole Ward.

On Friday, they swapped out their bats for pads when the Wewoka Tigers were short football players and the game against the Mounds Eagles almost got side-lined.

“Our [Athletic Director] was walking the halls and asking people [to play] and we heard and we was like, ‘We’ll play,’” said Ramsey.

“I was overwhelmed with their selfless sacrifice to come do something that they had never done before,” said head coach Bryan Couch. “Canceling a game on Friday, home game on Friday night, would just be detrimental to our community.”

So the girls suited up and hit the grid-iron to practice with the boys.

“The first day of practice I was nervous. We was just running all over the place,” said Ramsey.

When the fans filled the seats Friday, it was game on.

“Running out of the tunnel was the best part for me. Like, it just started up a new adventure for us,” said Ramsey.

“It was exciting!” said Davis.

Not only did the girls hold their own, they showed their tiger claws. Davis even put her punting skills on display.

“The first kick off, it wasn’t very good,” said Davis. “But after my nervous feeling was gone, it was okay.”

She also got a tackle in.

“I just close my eyes and hope for the best!” said Davis.

After their shining moment under the Friday night lights, the two said they’ll be back on the field.

“Haters are going to hate, but if that’s what you want to do and put your heart into it. Just go out there and do it,” said Davis.

“Yeah, just do it and give it your all,” said Ramsey.

“They’re fully part of the team. There’s no distinction between them,” said Coach Couch.

The girls said the other team didn’t know they were facing girls until they started playing. The other team even congratulated and thanked them.

And no need to worry, the girls have their own special locker room.