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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – At 99-years-old, Donald Thomas Aycock is the oldest recipient of an Amtryke donation in our area.

Donald told our team he fought in the 18th Field Artillery unit and witnessed firsthand as his unit converted from horse-drawn cannons to more modern machines in the war.

The donation comes from AMBUCS, after a recommendation by an Oklahoma City VA therapist.

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Donald Thomas Aycock

To receive the tryke, Donald had to pass a rigorous therapy regiment.

“I told him, ‘You probably don’t have very many people at 100 years old wanting to ride a bicycle,'” said Donald. “And he said, ‘You’re right!'”

“As you can see, he’s not having any trouble riding the bike,” added Kent Clingenpeel, Amtryke Coordinator for Enid AMBUCS. “When I found out about the story, I was like, ‘We’re gonna give this guy a bike.'”

Donald tells KFOR he started wanting a tryke ever since riding with family not long ago.

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Donald on his new wheels.

He’s already mapped out some locations and directions he’d like to ride around his Lawton home.

“I didn’t realize [AMBUCS] were doing that; I’m going to be forever grateful,” Donald said. “Just riding it, getting out in the air, I’ve gotten tired of sitting there and watching television.”