MIAMI, Okla. (KSN/KODE)— A Wyandotte pastor charged with felony child sexual abuse was assaulted by a member of the victim’s family, according to Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson.

The Ottawa County Prosecutor filed the sexual abuse charge against Fred Gammon, Jr, 42, of Miami on Monday, Feb. 13. Court records show Gammon’s wife, Tonya, posted his $35,000 bail. 

It is not the policy of KSN/KODE to identify sexual assault victims or their family members.

“The victim’s family member confronted Gammon and said he had enough, and hit Gammon several times,” Anderson said.

Anderson declined to release the police report citing the juvenile victim’s identity.

Online records show no charges have been filed against the victim’s family member.

Gammon is accused of sexually abusing the juvenile and sending several, sexually suggestive and inappropriate text messages.  The text messages allegedly state “Oh, I mean it, you are like a fire to me” and “You are hot” and references to smelling the juvenile’s underwear, according to an arrest affidavit.

Police say Gammon confessed to his wife Tonya, who told investigators she was hurt by his actions but she forgave him.

Gammon’s Facebook page lists July 18, 2021, as the date, he became pastor at Wayside Assembly of God in Wyandotte. The abuse is alleged to have happened during the time Gammon became employed as the church’s pastor. The church’s Facebook page has since been deactivated.

The probable cause affidavit says the juvenile indicated the abuse happened from 2020 to 2021.

Gammon has denied the accusations and is not commenting on the advice of his attorneys.  

District Attorney Doug Pewitt said as with all cases, if there are individuals who have information they should contact his office.

Gammon claims to have brain injury

According to videos posted online, Gammon held two services at another Ottawa County church on March 10, 2021, and May 12, 2021. The videos have since been removed from the church’s Facebook page.

In these videos, an articulate and charismatic Gammon, tells the audience about his service in the U.S. Army and recounts an incident in 2005 that left him with a traumatic brain injury when a mortar landed near him.

In the video Gammon says, “I was almost like a teenager in my mind because I had been stunted so much because of this,” referring to the explosion.

Gammon also explains in the video “the pathways to my brain had been broken,” and “my mind worked differently.”

“My IQ was not as high as it used to be” he said. And he “had to learn to read and write again.”  

Gammon went on to graduate with degrees in psychology and substance abuse counseling and at one time was employed at Spring River Mental Health as a substance abuse counselor.

On the videos Gammon says he had 20 surgeries, retrograde amnesia, a broken back, a broken neck, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and was left unable to have children.

Church officials remain silent

Whether Gammon has been asked to step down or take a leave of absence remains unclear. All the leaders of the religious institutions Gammon is associated with have either declined to comment or been unreachable. The church’s Facebook page shows Gammon has not preached for the past two weeks.

Gammon received his ministerial credentials through the Independent Assemblies of God, according to court records. But Wayside is listed as a member of the Assembly of God fellowship – two separate denominations.

Rev. Jackie Crafton, a northeast Oklahoma sectional elder with the Springfield, Mo.-based Assembly of God denomination, declined to comment and referred all calls to the Oklahoma District Council of the Assemblies of God.

Repeated phone calls to the Oklahoma District Council of the Assemblies of God and to Rev. Mickey Keith, Independent Assemblies of God Executive Board president, were not returned.

The last known telephone number for Wayside Assembly of God church is not a working number.

Facebook pages for Gammon, Jr. and his wife have been deactivated since our reporting began.