(NEXSTAR) – Cancel your dinner plans*, because Yelp has just released its list of the “Top 100” restaurants in the country.

The ninth annual list, released Wednesday, seeks to highlight some of Yelp’s highest-rated eateries, based on suggestions provided by Yelp users from coast to coast. This year, restaurants from 35 different states and Washington, D.C. made the cut, with cuisines ranging from Afghan to Vietnamese and everything in between.

Topping the 2022 list is Cocina Madrigal, a Mexican eatery in Phoenix, Arizona. Highlights from the menu include scratch-made tortillas, grilled-romaine salad and “fall-apart beef birria enchiladas,” according to Yelp. The restaurant also boasts a 4½-star rating on the site, based on nearly 2,400 reviews.

Coming in at second and third place, respectively, are Aracosia-McLean, an Afghan steakhouse in McLean, Virginia, and Fermentation Farm, a health-food market in Costa Mesa, California. Chicago’s Michelin-starred Oriole and Austin’s Big Bird Biscuit rounded out the top five.

The country’s top 10 restaurants in America, as judged by Yelp and Yelp’s reviewers, are below along with some of the Oklahoma top mentions.

  • Cocina Madrigal — Phoenix, Arizona (1)
  • Aracosia-McLean — McLean, Virginia (2)
  • Fermentation Farm — Costa Mesa, California (3)
  • Oriole — Chicago, Illinois (4)
  • Bird Bird Biscuit — Austin, Texas (5)
  • Jackrabbit Filly — Charleston, South Carolina (6)
  • Junkyard Bistro — Salmon, Idaho (7)
  • The Goodwich — Las Vegas, Nevada (8)
  • OSH Restaurant & Grill — Nashville, Tennessee (9)
  • The Riv — The Dalles, Oregon (10)
  • Cafe Kacao, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  (17)
  • The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (34)
  • East Village Bohemian Pizzeria, Tulsa, Oklahoma (83)
  • La Tertulia, Tulsa, Oklahoma (93)

KFOR went to check out these two local hotspots!

“I think this is the third time that we’ve gotten that privilege. And, you know, we’re always grateful. We work hard every day to give out the best food and service that we can. So it’s a it’s great to be recognized for doing that,” said Alex Del Cid, manager at Cafe Kacao. “The the way this community has received us Yes, it has shocked us through and through 10 years down the road is still we’re still shocked and you know, that’s what we’re so grateful to be recognized.” 

“I woke up this morning to a family friend telling me she saw it on Channel Four, and I had to go find the link because I didn’t realize [we were featured]. But it’s pretty crazy, and we were telling our team this morning,” said  Elise Taylor, co-owner of The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen. “We’re very excited and very honored.” 

A complete list of Yelp’s “Top 100” restaurants of 2022 can be found at the site’s blog.

In order to compile this year’s list, Yelp first solicited suggestions from users. The submissions were then ranked by their ratings, their number of reviews, and the number of times they were suggested by Yelp users. The rankings were further narrowed down with the help of Yelp’s own Community Managers (i.e., Yelp team members from different regions of the country) and a “Trend Expert.”

“The resulting list is collaborative and passion driven — an accurate reflection of the Yelp Community itself,” Yelp wrote in an emailed statement.

*Or don’t.