LEXINGTON, Okla. (KFOR) – The power is back on in Lexington, Oklahoma after residents there found themselves without heat for six hours as temperatures dropped.

“We laid in bed till 1030am, and that’s when I contacted you because we could stay warm in bed and dog got in there with me and she kept me warm and I kept her warm,” said Mark Clark, who lives in Lexington.

Clark told News 4 he woke up at 6:30am Thursday morning freezing.

“It was probably 30, 28 [degrees],” said Clark. “You could see your breath.”

He wasn’t alone. Several other Lexington residents commented on the city’s Facebook page that they weren’t happy.

“We have a very elderly population in our community and some people don’t have generators or the ability to go where there might be heat and electricity,” said Mayor David Adams.

“People are worried about their children who are at home. It’s Christmas there. They’re out of school. They don’t have a warm place to go,” said Clark. “if it had been a problem with the city, the power would have fixed by 8:00am.”

Lexington gets their power from the Oklahoma Municipal Power Association, but the electricity is fed through OG&E’s transmission system.

“We’ve been working this morning to get with OG&E to try and get Lexington Fed off of the secondary transmission line that OG&E has in that in that area as well,” said Jennifer Smith, with the OMPA.

“[OG&E] told OMPA that there were certain protocols that had to be met,” said Mayor Adams. “At that time, we didn’t meet those protocols.”

The city posted online “We have been without power for approximately 3 hours and this is unacceptable when there are other options.”

While working, OG&E said their workers found the problem.

“They realized that there was a co-op line laying over that OG&E transmission lines, which seems to be the cause,” said Smith.

OG&E provided News 4 with the following statement:

“The power is back on in Lexington. An OEC (Oklahoma Electrical Cooperatives) line fell on an OG&E line, which caused the outage. Once that was determined, OEC removed their line and power was restored. Simultaneous to determining the cause of the outage, OG&E was in the process of verifying if the alternate feed identified would hold the electric load of the City of Lexington.” – Aaron Cooper, OG&E Manager of Corporate Communications.

Around noon, while News 4 was talking to Clark, the lights on the Christmas Tree suddenly started shining. The power was back on.

“OG&E also was able to switch the feed for Lexington over to that alternate feed until that that could be repaired,” said Smith.

Now Clark is happy to go back to a warm home with his dog.