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MUSKOGEE, Okla. (KFOR) – Davyon Johnson is quite special. He’s a hero…a superhero, in fact. Two people are alive today thanks to his great heart and swift actions.

Davyon saved both lives on Dec. 9.

He performed his first rescue at Muskogee’s 6th and 7th Grade Academy, using the Heimlich maneuver to save a classmate who was choking on a water bottle cap.

Davyon went into action again later that night, helping a woman out of a burning home.

Davyon Johnson
Davyon Johnson – Credit: Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office

The Muskogee Public Schools Board of Education, the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office and the Muskogee Police Department have all honored Davyon since his heroic feats.

The honors continued last weekend with the Oklahoma City Thunder paying special tribute to Davyon’s super-heroic actions during the Thunder’s Jan. 15th game.

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Davyon Johnson with Thunder star Jeremiah Robinson-Earl. Courtesy OKC Thunder.

“It was pretty incredible because I got to meet players and they honored me there,” Davyon told Tulsa-based station KJRH.

Go to the KJRH website for the full story on Davyon’s special day with the Thunder.

The video at the top of this article is courtesy of KJRH.