YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – The roads in one Yukon neighborhood are rough after a nearby construction crew was caught several times driving large trucks through their streets.

“It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix something like this and it’s frustrating,” said President of the Millers Gate Homeowners Association Matthew Raley. “You can only raise dues by so much and we shouldn’t have to do that to solve this.”

Millers Gate is a gated neighborhood off Route 66 near Sara Road that has nearly 200 homes throughout it.

For months, Raley says the construction company B & H has been using their fire hydrant located near the entrance for water and then driving through the neighborhood to get to a worksite.

Image of B & H truck driving through neighborhood. Image courtesy Matthew Raley.
Image of B & H truck driving through neighborhood. Image courtesy Matthew Raley.

Millers Gate has a sign in the front that states “No large trucks allowed” for this exact reason. Raley says that hasn’t stopped the company from driving through the neighborhood when the gate is opened.

“Nobody has $500,000 to spare to fix something like this,” said Raley. “Those are some pretty heavy trucks by the time the water gets into their reservoir.”

He says he was able to get a fee approved by the H.O.A. that if drivers of large trucks make their way through then they would have to pay. That fee is up to $500 and he says the construction company should have to pay that for each of the trips they took.

“It took about five calls and a few emails before they finally got back to me,” said Raley. “But I haven’t heard since. I just want to talk with them to see how we can work this out. Something like this can really hurt a small neighborhood like this one.”

KFOR reached out to B & H Thursday morning, the company called back just after 4:30 p.m. saying they would pay the fees if needed.

“Anytime we have an incident we go and try to remedy the situation as fast as possible. Anytime we mess up or damage something we want to make it right and will work with whoever we need to do that. We have been working with Raley and will continue to,” said Kal Snodgrass, In-House Counsel for B & H.