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Update: 7/16 – Police have identified the body found last Friday near northeast 36th and Sooner Road as 73-year-old Ronald Ward.

Officials say they do not suspect foul play.

Ward’s dog faithfully stayed by his side in nearly triple-digit temperatures.

Officials say he acted depressed and unwilling to eat at the animal shelter.

Animal Control says they have located family related to the victim and they have taken the dog in.

Officials say the pup recognized the relative by their voice and was more than happy to home home with them.

Here is a link to Ward’s obituary.


Update 7/15/2014 4:00 p.m   OKLAHOMA CITY- The bull terrier has gone home with a close relative to his deceased owner.

Officials say the pup recognized the relative by their voice and was more than happy to go home with them.


OKLAHOMA CITY – A dog was found in near 100 degree heat watching guard over his deceased owner.

Homicide detectives were called after a body was found near SE 36th and Sooner Rd. They think the person died of natural causes.

His bull terrier stood by his side, even appeared to be guarding him at times and not wanting to leave his owner.

Today that bull terrier is at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter showing strong signs of grief and depression.

Officials say this is typical for a dog that doesn’t know what to do without its family.

Hidden underneath the desk of an animal welfare supervisor Sheridan Lowey, this pit bull terrier is as depressed as it gets.

Friday, he was only a short walk away from the Canadian River. If he really wanted to he could have chewed through his leash and left for water, but he didn’t.

“The dog kept wanting to pull back to go back to where the remains of where the deceased owner was,” says Lowery.

That’s not unusual for a dog that has just lost a loved one.

“We have found animals inside residences with owners literally lying on the body next to the body because they are family, they’re sad,” says Lowery. “Their owner is deceased. They don’t know what is going on. They don’t know how to act. They don’t know how to react.”

He’s out of his element surrounded by the aggressive barking in the kennels next to him.

Lowery hasn’t found anything to lift his spirits. He won’t eat, he won’t bark and he just wants to be left alone to mourn.

“I took him out to go walk our facility here for a little bit and he keeps looking everywhere,” says Lowery. “He’s looking to his left, he’s looking to his right.”

Maybe looking for his owner, but now he has a chance to go home with a new family.

Detectives will take the next five days to find any other family.  After that, it is very possible this little guy will be up for adoption.

“If he’s shown this kind of attachment, this kind of dedication to family he could make a really good family pet,” says Lowery. “I would say it’s just another example of family sticking with family.”