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OKLAHOMA CITY – A small town is breathing a collective sigh of relief after the man accused of brutally killing his ex-wife is caught and arrested.

Almost everyone in town was talking about the capture of Luis Frias Thursday. He was charged with the 2013 murder of Janett Reyna, accused of stabbing her 41 times in front of her small children. At the time, he escaped undetected before police could arrest him. He was added to the U.S. Marshals’ 15 Most Wanted list in November

“I`m just so glad they finally found him so it can be ended,” said Mary Creech.

“Finally, peace for the family and friends,” said Tamara Stasyszen. “It was a very good day for Blackwell.”

The horrific tragedy hit the town hard.

“We’re up here in the bible belt, north central, rural Oklahoma,” said Blackwell Police Chief Dewayne Wood. “This type of crime really doesn’t happen.

Then Thursday morning, the news broke. The television show “In Pursuit with John Walsh” aired a profile of Frias’ alleged crime and escape. When it aired in Mexico, someone in Guadalajara wrote a detailed letter to U.S. Marshals that finally led to his arrest in Jalisco, Mexico. Wood got the call Wednesday night.

“I got emotional,” Wood said, “and they were just like, ‘Man, yeah. We got him.'” He got to personally transport Frias to the Kay County Detention Center, what he called a moment of closure for this chapter of the ongoing saga.

“Five years of not knowing are we ever going to get him,” Wood said, “the emotions of how did we miss him.”

The relief and victory is shared by everyone in the town waiting for his capture.