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OKLAHOMA CITY – A shopping spree with a stolen credit card.

Thieves stole the card right out of the mailbox of a northwest Oklahoma City home.

It was all caught on video.

And, something on that video has them thinking it wasn’t a random theft.

“I had a guy come out today, he’s a masonry guy,” said Alberto Morejon, the homeowner.

You can still see the concrete drying on the new mailbox.

They had an extra secure box put in after thieves took off with their mail.

“It look like a regular mail box but, when you open it up, you have a key, and it just has a slot where you put the mail in there,” Alberto said.

The missing mail was discovered after a package never arrived.

“I was on the couch, and my daughter came running into the living room and took our mail, and I said, ‘What?'” Alberto said.

His daughter, Agustina Morejon, had gotten a notification a package was delivered for her.

When there was nothing in the mail, she looked on their home surveillance camera.

“So, here’s the car coming up to the mail box. It’s like a greenish trail blazer. It gets the mail and drives off,” Agustina said, showing the video. “[It’s] very frustrating. I panicked and called American Express right away.”

But, it was too late.

The card and packages that had been delivered were already swiped and used.

“When they got a hold of her American Express card, they went to S.W. 59th to a hometown Walmart, and they charged $410.88,” Alberto said. “From there, they went to the Walmart on N.W. Expressway.”

A closer look at the surveillance video made her dad more suspicious.

“This mailbox was targeted,” Alberto said. “He drove down the street and stopped at this, one mailbox. It’s like he knew there were packages in there.”

Targeted or not, he has a message for the thieves.

“Don’t come back. Security is added,” Alberto said. “You want to come back – try it. We’re going to get you.”

The post office and the Oklahoma City Police Department have both launched investigations.

American Express did refund the charges that were made on the stolen card.

The homeowner is offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest.

If you know who this is, call police.