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LOGAN COUNTY – The man accused of fatally shooting Logan County Deputy David Wade is sitting in jail facing a long list of charges, including first degree murder.

Nathan Leforce is a convicted felon with a history of stealing vehicles and more violent crimes involving law enforcement.

According to court documents, he associates himself with the Irish Mob and the Aryan Brotherhood.

Up until now, he’s avoided long stints in prison. Now, he could face a lifetime behind bars.

By mid-morning, the hunt was on for Leforce.

He’d allegedly just shot Deputy Wade multiple times and stole his patrol pickup.

That violent scene unfolded along Mulhall Road, near I-35.

The search went on to a nearby convenience store in Coyle.

That’s where he dumped Wade’s truck and was caught on video allegedly stealing another car from a customer.

“I just think he found a place to park the car and tried to hide,” OHP Lt. John Vincent said.

He was only able to hide for a couple hours.

Authorities found the stolen car near Jaxton Road and CR 76, just northeast of Guthrie.

We’re told he was hiding near an outbuilding.

“From what I understand, there was no struggle. He came out, he gave himself up, and it was to the Oklahoma County Sheriff`s Office,” Lt. Vincent said.

Leforce has had run-ins with law enforcement the past twenty years, from a slew of traffic violations to violent crimes, including a felony for pointing an assault rifle at a Perry police officer.

“We’ve heard his name off and on throughout the years,” Perry Police Chief Brian Thomas said.

Perry police also dealt with Leforce in 2015.

The SWAT team responded to his home after he’d allegedly kidnapped a woman from Oklahoma City.

“She managed to unbind herself and run for help and came to the police department,” Thomas said.

The woman told police while she was held captive, Leforce bragged about his “power” and involvement with the Irish Mob and Aryan Brotherhood.

Leforce is being held without bond in the Logan County Jail.