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NORMAN, Okla. – Police are conducting an investigation into a gruesome story involving a man accused of brutally beating his dog to death. Police arrested 39-year-old Jason William Dunn, a.k.a “Beau”, Sunday night for animal cruelty.

Police say a family member called police because they were concerned for Dunn’s safety.

“It started as a commotion in the backyard, moved into the front yard, then across the street and back,” Neighbor, Rene Holley, said.

When police arrived, the dog was dead and they called in the Animal Welfare Division.

“Evidence was collected, photographs, all that sort of stuff,” Captain Tom Easley said. “The deceased dog was actually taken into evidence.”

Neighbors described the dog as a large dog, similar to a Mastiff.

The body of the dog is now at Oklahoma State University being analyzed for the exact cause of death. When those results come back, the district attorney will decide weather or not to formally charge Dunn.

“It was definitely not something you want to see,” Holley said.