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GUTHRIE, Okla. – An Oklahoma man who was caught on camera attacking a pizza joint manager is now speaking out about the incident.

It happened a few months ago at a Domino’s Pizza in Guthrie.

“He just lost what little control he had, came around the corner, threw me in a headlock, slung me around, physically slung me around behind the counter,” Mike Merkle told News 4 about the incident that was caught on camera.

Merkle, a manager at Domino’s, said that’s how he was greeted by Milton Davis after Davis received the wrong order.

“I apologized to him and told him, hey, I’ll be happy to remake your pizza, no big deal,” Merkle said.

Davis is now sharing his side of the story, and he claims Merkle never made him that offer.

“This is what made me mad: he told me that, sure, I’ll cook your pizza – this is after him telling me, no, though – sure, I’ll cook your pizza, but you gotta pick it up in the morning,” Davis said. “I thought that was very rude and sarcastic.”

Davis said he paid $25 total for his pizzas, including the tip. He said all he wanted, once he brought the pizzas back to the store, was his money back.

“What you don’t see in that video is me walking in and him in the back, talking about the person that he was on the phone with, and I’m like, hey, that’s me, you’re talking about me,” Davis said.

“He started getting belligerent with me and cussing me out,” Merkle said, when he shared his side of the story.

However, Davis claims that part is not true.

“If he told the truth, if Mr. Merkle told the truth and said you know what, I did get on the phone and kind of give this guy a hard time, if he told the truth and said, yes, that’s what I did on behalf of Domino’s Pizza, I didn’t conduct myself in the correct manner with this guest, if he says that, then, yes, I’ll definitely say I apologize for putting you in a headlock,” Davis said, when asked if he felt remorseful.

Davis said he was never arrested but turned himself in. He is facing an assault and battery charge and, right now, he’s not sure how he’s pleading.

Davis is due back in court on October 11.