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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – The District Attorney in Oklahoma County has filed a misdemeanor charge against a man accused of stalking women at a metro Target store.

Cody Stephens, 21, lives in Midwest City, not too far from the Target store where he is accused of stalking women.

According to Midwest City police, it started back on February 10th at the Target in the 7500 block of SE 29th.

A woman complained a suspicious man was following behind her.

The victim told police she had her hands full of items when the stranger offered his basket.

She was uncomfortable with the stranger’s behavior, so she left the store.

“It’s hard to say in this particular case what his intentions were,” said Midwest City Police Lt. Ron Strecker.

Police said the suspect in each case was alone, and they have no indication he was working with other people.

Two weeks later on February 26th at a Crest store in Midwest City, the same woman found herself face to face with the same stranger.

This time, she called police and filed a report.

Strecker said the suspect disappeared by the time detectives arrived.

Then, three days later on February 29th, the victim again spotted the stranger a third time at Target.

According to the detective, that particular Target store has had other complaints from at least three female shoppers about the same stranger.

The suspect was questioned by police on February 29th but not arrested.

Midwest City police presented a misdemeanor charge to the DA’s office last week.

Stephens is now facing one misdemeanor charge of stalking.

NewsChannel 4 reporter Ali Meyer spoke to Stephens at his home on Friday where he denied all wrongdoing.

Stephens claims he’s innocent, and it was pure coincidence he ran into the same woman three times.

Stephens has not hired a lawyer yet, but he plans to and said he will fight the charge.

Midwest City police encourage all citizens to call police if they are worried about their safety.